First fundraising for the LiveDrop spin-off, specializing in microfluidic technology

LiveDrop, a spin-off from ULiège, has completed a fundraiser of 2.3 million to market an instrument for cell sorting. The Trasis company participated.

The company LiveDrop, a spin-off of ULiège, has concluded an initial fundraising of 2.3 million euros which will enable it to market a high-tech instrument for sorting biological cells.

LiveDrop is an offshoot of the Microfluidics lab at ULiège. She develops
high-tech instruments for detecting and selecting living biological cells with high potential: cells producing therapeutic antibodies (such as monoclonal antibodies), rare immune cells, cancer cells, stem cells, cells that are fragile and difficult to manipulate with conventional techniques.

The start-up has developed a first instrument called ModaFlow. This is based on microfluidic droplet technology, the principle of which is the production of tiny water droplets (with a volume of less than a nanolitre) in oil. These droplets are transported in the microscopic channels of a microfluidic chip. Biological cells of interest are encapsulated in these droplets, manipulated, detected and selected, at high speed. One can reach more than one million encapsulated cells per day.

Very high speed analyzes

This technology offers the opportunity to achieve high-speed, single-cell scale analyzeswhich is necessary to enable researchers to analyze millions or even billions of cells from biological samples, such as tumor biopsies or blood samples.

“Microfluidic technologies are booming in the life sciences industry.”

Stephanie van Loo

Founder and CEO of LiveDrop

“Microfluidic technologies are booming in the life sciences industry. There is even talk of the microfluidic revolution. Everyone is convinced of the high potential of these technologies” commented Stéphanie van Loo, founder and CEO of LiveDrop.

Of the 2.3 million raised, 1.4 million was contributed by the private fund Innovation Fund, the institutional funds Noshaq and W.IN.G., the Liège company Trasis and the Martial family. The rest is made up of recoverable subsidies and advances from the Walloon Region.

First customers

A dozen scientific collaborators and first customers are already using ModaFlow. LiveDrop customers are biotechnology companies, R&D departments of pharmaceutical companiesresearch centers and academic laboratories active in cell biology, oncology, immunotherapy and cell therapy.

LiveDrop has been incubated at WSL since 2021. The small company had won the “GSK meets Universities” prize in 2020.

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