Financing cinema in cryptocurrencies, the revolutionary idea of ​​KlapCoin

French cinema occupies a privileged place in the history of the 7th art. From its birth with the Lumière brothers to the steps of the Croisette, the France projects its cultural exception in cinemas around the world. A subtle and complex industry, vital for culture and which, to preserve its richness, must constantly renew itself. A harsh reality that also affects funding issues. “La Diversité du Cinéma Français” (La DCF), a company bringing together professionals in the sector, is launching KlapCoin, a cryptocurrency for all lovers of the big screen and more broadly, for all investors who want to get involved in projects. cultural.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with La DCF.

Engine, it turns … not round

According to the founders of the company, Sarah Lelouch and Fabien Berger, increasingly serious difficulties come to constrain the search for funding. A problem that impacts the entire ecosystem. From producers to project promoters, including actors, technicians and scriptwriters, everyone sees the envelopes allocated to the preliminary phases of the production of a film reduced to a trickle. In question, the policies of profitability and the large productions which crush all the quasi-artisanal know-how of the independents.

“We could have contented ourselves with creating a private fund specializing in the development of cinema. And we explored this track. But very quickly, we had a no-go because we realized that the regulatory, legal and technical constraints required us to raise between 20 and 30 million euros to reach a point of equilibrium with this fund type. But above all, this type of financing requires a minimum investment of several tens of thousands of euros, which excludes the vast majority of potential investors.”

Fabien Berger, co-founder of The Diversity of French Cinema

French independent cinema projects are struggling to take off

The blockchain makes its cinema with the KlapCoin

Taking advantage of a legal framework opened up by the Pacte law in 2019, the issue of a token to finance future productions quickly gained consensus. The project will therefore be built and articulated around this new technological and participatory situation. The idea? Allow private investors to support the first phases of various audiovisual creations of their choice. Thus, from the development stage, community members will be invited to participate.

It is therefore on this preliminary stage that efforts will be concentrated, since it is also the stage most eroded by budget cuts. This is, however, a major strategic aspect. It is at this stage that the financing, writing, selection of human and technical resources (casting, location scouting, etc.) take shape. An absolutely vital phase for the quality and depth of the work. To do this, the DCF therefore decided to launch a major “crypto” operation with an ambitious objective: to raise 8 million euros thanks to an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)and allocate them mainly to the development of a catalog of around fifty films and series of all genres and formats.

Thanks to KlapCoin and blockchain technology, the French 7th art should find new sources of funding for its most ambitious productions
The DCF is preparing to project French cinema on the blockchain

This initial token issue, which cryptophiles know well, bears the name “Lumière Brothers”, and could make it possible to raise approximately 10% of the overall budget required for the full catalog. It will also make it possible to involve a community of enthusiasts in the company’s choices, and to give credibility to the projects during their presentations to major institutional investors. Thus, the KlapCoin is designed to bring together a close-knit community around audiovisual projects that could not see the light of day without their support, but also to reward them.

A dream cast for a masterful achievement

Make no mistake about it, you are not in the presence of the umpteenth obscure project that solicits your generosity. First of all because the cast benefits from top artists who did not hesitate to highlight their image to promote a noble purpose. We meet Sarah Lelouch, the daughter of the famous director, and sponsor of the project, Claude Lelouch, Julie Gayet, Kev Adams, Sofiane Zermani (Fianso), Elsa Zylberstein, etc … the list is long. Other great professionals in the field are present, representing all the trades that make up the large cinema family.

Then because under its good-natured airs, the technical realization of the thing was particularly well elaborated. Pressed on the Tezos blockchain, supported by Exaion, the EDF branch of infrastructure and Web3 solutions, the mechanism that governs this first token issue has nothing to envy to the best-crafted projects. Thus, much more than a simple subsidy with lost funds, the diversity of cinema offers you to take up the cause of French cinema, and to generate passive income based on the scores achieved by films in theaters, and well Moreover.

KlapCoin and cinema, a perfectly framed crypto mechanism

It is important to specify a certain number of points which testify to this sophistication:

  • The “Brothers Light” ICO started on April 28. It is accessible directly on the DCF website
  • The operation concerns KlapCoin which is a stablecoin. So you will be possible to recover your bet at the ratio of 1 KlapCoin = €0.1
  • In possession of KlapCoins, you will be able to “bet” on a catalog of projects selected and supported by The DCF referred to as “dandruff”.
  • By doing so, you will get 2 things in return: “tickets” representing your share in the overall investment of the project, and LUX which are governance tokens.
Cinematographic creation uses blockchain technology to finance a catalog of 50 promising audiovisual projects
Cinema and the blockchain, two ecosystems made to meet

Thus, investing in KlapCoin could turn out to be much more interesting than it seems at first glance. Indeed, the advantages could be multiple.

  • Owning KlapCoins is already a way to secure some of your crypto holdings. In effect, it is a stablecoin each valued at 10 euro cents.
  • Investing in film generates “tickets”. The number of tickets in your possession will determine your share in the redistribution of the profits generated by the sale of the projects developed.
  • You will also obtain LUX which is subject to a classic valuation. You can thus sell them on a secondary marketor stake them to benefit from an additional passive return and various advantages such as profitability boosters.

A LUX distribution worthy of the greatest productions

The number of LUX you have will determine the seat you will occupy with all the investors, from the jump seat to the producer’s seat. A position that will allow you to vote on the decisions to be made, to meet the actors, to attend the previews, to obtain exclusive NFTs. Moreover, staking will allow you to generate a second passive income in LUX (different from the returns on investment provided by your “tickets”), and to boost your various rewards. This is to thank you for your longer-term support alongside La Diversité du Cinéma Français.

With LUX, a governance cryptocurrency distributed to investors, you will be able to benefit from many advantages linked to financed films
The LUX token gets you an armchair based on your participation

Today, the curtain rises on a rich and chiseled ecosystem, reflecting the diversity of French cinema and blockchain technology. While innovation is gradually spreading to all levels of the real economy, finding it in the creative and always avant-garde sphere of the 7th art was obvious.

“It was all the same incredible that there was no money for cinema when the methods of financing had reached their limits (…) And this is where the idea of ​​creating a cryptocurrency imposed itself on us, the KlapCoin. We dug well before launching it to be sure we were the first. And we are the first.”

Sarah Lelouch, co-founder of La Diversité du Cinéma Français

And you, will you be the first?

It is important to understand that investing in an ICO, no matter how serious, involves risks. No one can guarantee the success of a project. Only invest money you can afford to lose.

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