FFF wanted to send the Blues home in a low-cost flight after the World Cup final

The many savings that the French Football Federation wanted ended up tensing up the staff and players of the French team during the World Cup in Qatar, reports The Parisian this Friday.

Despite the epic of the Blues being beaten at the end of the thriller in the final by Argentina, all was not rosy behind the scenes of the French team at the Qatar World Cup. On the contrary. If the tensions surrounding Karim Benzema’s package have been known for a while, other points of tension, further away from football, are revealed by The Parisian this Friday.

According to the newspaper, the small savings that the French Football Federation (FFF) wanted were the source of misunderstandings and then friction between the body led by Noël Le Graët and the group of Didier Deschamps. In addition to the fact that some of the staff were forgotten when handing out phones and SIM cards or that the FFF refused to pay a supplement to decorate part of the hall of the Al-Messila hotel in blue-white-red, the issue of air travel has been a point of contention.

“It’s pathetic”

Three days before the final against Argentina, Didier Deschamps’ men learned that the FFF had booked a cheap return flight for them on board Air Portugal. The federation finally backed down in the face of the outcry and finally booked an Air France flight on which some – not the players – were in economy class. “We brought millions of euros to the FFF with the place as vice-world champion and they wanted to bring us back by counting the money, being carried away by a member of the Blues in Parisian columns. It’s pathetic.”

Before this famous post-final return flight, the management of the journey of their companions had already annoyed the players. Some, invited by the FFF to Qatar, had come to the Middle East in economy class in light of the desire of the FFF’s administrative services to tighten the travel budget.

Noël Le Graët would have been spared the criticism from the players because the head of the federation was in Qatar throughout the tournament and did not manage these types of files. Rather, it is the name of Florence Hardouin, the director general, who was most often cited in Qatar when it was necessary to find a culprit. Atmosphere.

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