Fees, the first criterion for choosing life insurance online, News/Actu Epargne

For holders of digital life insurance contracts, the costs take precedence over the capital guarantee. This is shown by an Ifop survey for the Placement-direct.fr platform carried out among a panel of people with more than €30,000 of life insurance online.

According to this study, the fees on deposits (55%) and the annual management fees (54%) are the first investment choice criteria for “digital” savers ahead of the guarantee of the capital invested, which comes first ( 60%) for all investors.

Online savers have a better understanding of the cost level of their contracts

This sensitivity to the costs of digitized savers can be explained by their better level of knowledge of the pricing applied in life insurance, decrypts Placement-direct.fr. Thus, 42% of them believe they know the level of costs of their contract well against only 24% for all holders of a life insurance contract. »

If digital savings solutions have gained ground since the start of the health crisis – these are still adopted today by a minority of retail investors.

Those who have already taken the plunge (around 11% of French savers, according to an OpinionWay survey carried out in 2021) are logically more “active” when it comes to managing their investments. According to Placement-direct.fr, they are thus 45% to have carried out an arbitrage operation on their life insurance contracts in recent months, against 32% for all savers questioned.

Holders of these online supports also seem to get better returns: 45% believe that their savings earn them more than inflation, against less than a third for all contract holders.

Investors more active with inflation

The inflationary context also has an impact on the management of their contract. 56% of online life insurance holders have changed the way they manage their contract – by investing more or seeking more advice – compared to only 40% for all savers surveyed.

To date, however, the rise in prices has not yet had a noticeable impact on French savings. In this period of crisis, households continue to fund their woolen stockings and their life insurance contracts. Between the beginning of the year and the end of April, the French placed 10.5 billion euros net in these investments, a record over this period since 2011.

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