fatal accident of a Tesla vehicle in Paris, human error is privileged



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H. Puffeney, A. Gaucher, A. Gouty, D. Bonnet, N. Alozian, J. Pires – franceinfo

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Saturday, December 11 in Paris, a driver driving with a Tesla was the cause of a serious accident costing the life of a person. He has been charged and an investigation is ongoing. The American brand Tesla denies being responsible in that case.

Saturday, December 11 in Paris, a Tesla brand vehicle driving at full speed caused the death of one person and injured nineteen others. The uninjured driver was charged with manslaughter. But the accident raises questions. This father had not consumed drugs or alcohol. Without a criminal record, he has been driving taxis for 25 years. According to his lawyer, while he was at a red light, his vehicle accelerated suddenly.

On the highway, the Tesla can change lanes without touching the steering wheel, simply by activating its turn signal. Tesla has dozens of computers. It is on the basis of these elements that the American group reacted. Because Tesla is in turmoil, and also at the heart of a controversy in the United States. More than a hundred customers report bugs: eleven suspicious accidents were recorded.
According to an expert, every collision involves human error. The 11 crashes involved not Tesla technology, but drivers’ use of it“says Benjamin Cuqautomotive journalist. In France, justice has opened an investigation, but the expertise on the vehicle has not yet started.

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