Exhaust pipe: how to redo the thermal insulation

Refurbished by specialists.

The exhaust thermal insulation devices can be replaced. An example of a specialized service provider with DBM Technologie.

DBM Technologie restores the thermal insulation devices of the pipes and exhausts of tractors and other self-propelled agricultural vehicles. Thus, this industrial subcontractor offers an alternative to complete replacement when the wear only concerns the casing. It also provides answers for those who are struggling to find the original spare part.

dbm Technology exhaust insulation example

An example of realization.

3 to 4 times cheaper

“Depending on the type of existing thermal insulation and the shapes of the exhaust to be insulated, our prices range from €200 to €1,000,” says Nicolas Barette, Managing Director of DBM Technologie. Replacing the entire system would cost them three to four times as much.”

Remote exhaust repair

The company, located in Maine et Loire, carries out repairs in its workshops. Therefore, remote customers send their equipment to him to be refurbished by carrier.

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