Ethereum has a lot to worry about: Here’s why the BNB chain is becoming a serious competitor!

While the crypto market has been at its lowest for several months now, some blockchains continue to develop and bring good news in their evolution.

If you are an investor or a blockchain enthusiast, you are no doubt aware of the upcoming migration of Ethereum from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake, but it is not the only blockchain that is developing. seriously with ambitious roadmaps.

Indeed, the BNB blockchain is launching its new roadmap and becomes a real competitor to the Ethereum blockchain, we explain why below.

New BNB Blockchain Roadmap: Are Ethereum Holders Worried?

To simply explain what the new roadmap of the blockchain BNBit wishes to increase support for the various developers by improving the speed of transactions but also to improve the decentralization of the latter.

Formerly called Binance Smart Chain, the BNB Chain wants to improve its governance system to help the various developers in their development of dapps.

This will allow increase transaction speedimprove decentralization and network security.

The new roadmap is described as “one of BNB Chain’s most comprehensive development programs to date.” The BNB Chain team adds, “This improvement will result in a flawless dApp experience, even in the midst of peak network traffic.”

Enough to make the Ethereum blockchain and all its holders pale and become a serious competitor for the second crypto on the market for many years now. We will follow this new roadmap closely, its evolution in the market of crypto as well as this competition which is getting tighter and tighter.

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