EOS and Sauber team up to design polymer parts

In the motor racing and Formula 1 sectors, additive manufacturing is gradually becoming an essential technology. So much so that partnerships between teams and 3D printing experts follow one another. This time, it is the manufacturer of 3D printers EOS, specialized in metal and polymer industrial additive manufacturing, and the company Sauber Technologies, member of the Alpha Romeo team, who have joined forces to bring the benefits of technology in motor racing. Inaugurated during the F1 Grand Prix in Barcelona on May 22, this collaboration notably includes the installation of the EOS P 500 within the premises of Sauber Technologies, a machine for manufacturing parts from polymer.

For several years now, additive manufacturing has allowed the various teams to push the limits, in particular thanks to rapid prototyping. Markus Glasser, Senior Vice President EMEA at EOS, talks about the democratization of technology and the partnership with Sauber: “ We see applications of AM in F1, both for prototyping and mass production, where repeatable quality of parts is essential. With Sauber, we want to set new benchmarks in this area. With more AM applications in series in F1, automation will also be key, enabling better productivity and lower cost per part. Sauber is the first customer to integrate polymer-based 3D printing into its production, including the installation of an EOS P 500 system. »

The EOS P 500 3D printer. (Photo credits: EOS)

The integration of the EOS P 500

Thanks to the EOS P 500 3D printer, Sauber wants to design mass-produced parts from polyamide 12 PA 22OO. The machine, which is mainly intended for the automotive and aerospace sectors, offers a printing volume of 500 x 3330 x 400 mm. The installation of the 3D printer in Sauber’s premises is scheduled for this year and should therefore soon contribute to the improvement of the company’s production processes. In particular, the company hopes to significantly improve production speed, with the manufacturer claiming the EOS P 500 to be twice as fast as the fastest laser sintering systems currently available.

Christoph Hansen, COO of Sauber Technologies, concludes: “ EOS and Sauber share the same passion for application-oriented design and the highest quality standards, which we aim to deliver in motorsport and beyond. The corporate culture of EOS suits us perfectly, which is why we decided to enter into this partnership. »

Christoph Hansen (COO Sauber Technologies), Frédéric Vasseur (Team Principal Alfa Romeo F1 Team Orlen), Tina Schlingmann (Head of Sales EMEA, EOS), Markus Glasser (SVP EMEA, EOS). (Photo credits: Sauber Motorspor)

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Cover photo credits: EOS

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