end of mandatory Covid insurance

To travel to Mauritius, you must be vaccinated with two doses minimum or have a single dose and have proof of recovery from Covid-19.

In both cases, the antigen test on arrival on D0 remains mandatory. It can be done directly at the hotel or at the airport.

For the unvaccinatedthe protocol remains the same, namely that they will be subject to a 7-day self-isolation in an accommodation of their choice and will have to perform an antigen test on their arrival on D0. The D7 test is no longer mandatory.

Since its reopening, Mauritius has seen its attendance pick up again. From October to the end of March, more than 329,000 tourists including 95,717 French people visited the island.

In March 2022, 15,418 French tourists chose this destination. The recovery is also being felt among partners, some of whom are returning to a level of sales equivalent to March 2019″, comments the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority (MTPA) in a press release.

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