Elon Musk buys Twitter: Dogecoin soon on the blue bird network?

Tweets and shibas – The Billionaire Elon Musk regularly reaffirms that it will treasure its bitcoins (BTC), ethers (ETH) and dogecoins (DOGE) for a good while. The CEO of Tesla and SpaceX is also the type to be concerned about the freedom of expression. The latter being sometimes undermined on TwitterElon Musk seems to want to raise the bar, while purchasing an important part of the social network.

Elon Musk acquires nearly 10% of Twitter

According to an official document filed with the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC), the engineer-billionaire Elon Musk acquired nearly 73.5 million shares of the social network company Twitter.

This constitutes approximately 9.2% of just over 800 million shares TWTR existing. The latter, listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), were valued at around $39 the unit at the close of stock market quotations on Friday 1 April.

Although we don’t know whennor to what pricewere purchased the shares of Elon Musk, his purchase therefore represented almost $2.9 billion during last Friday. As of this writing (Monday, April 4), the NYSE stock market has just reopen its doors, and the important bet of the CEO of Tesla has already euphorized the TWTR action by nearly +24%, at $48 (and Musk’s total investment in Twitter at more than $3.5 billion).

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Problem of freedom of expression on Twitter?

It seems that Elon Musk has been confirmed in his beliefs on Twitter by his community over 80 million followers. Indeed, a few days earlier, on March 24 and 25, 2022, the CEO of SpaceX had carried out two sounddages about the social network at the blue bird.

The first asked his community if they felt that Twitter’s algorithm should be open-source. His fans responded positively to 82.7%. The billionaire then asked, the next day:

“Freedom of expression is essential to the proper functioning of a democracy. Do you think Twitter strictly adheres to this principle?
(No at 70.4%)
The consequences of this vote will be important. Please vote carefully. »

Twitter account @elonmusk

His last sentence was heavy with innuendo, especially now that we know his significant equity investment in Twitter. It must be said that his community has widely considered, 70.4%than twitter did not respect scrupulously freedom of expression. We will remember in particular the censor from the account of donald trump who, however controversial, was still the 45th President of the United States at the time of the events (January 2021).

When we know the many projects of use what Elon Musk foresees for his favorite crypto, Dogecoinone wonders if, in addition to freedom of expression, the billionaire would not also be able to bring back a little DOGE on the social network. Soon a friendly and smiling shiba dog head instead of the heart love a tweet?

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