Electric cars: Elon Musk gives his opinion on Apple AirPlay in Teslas

News hardware Electric cars: Elon Musk gives his opinion on Apple AirPlay in Teslas

Apple AirPlay could integrate Tesla cars shortly: this is indeed what Elon Musk suggests during an exchange with a user on Tweeter.

It’s no secret, Elon Musk is a big Twitter user and the latter uses it frequently to dialogue directly with its users on future brand updates. This is what happened with “ShibaDoge”, which asked the boss of Tesla the question if it would be possible to add Apple AirPlay, which would allow lossless streaming. He also pointed out that Tesla vehicles already have the necessary hardware capability.

Musk responded by saying his team of audio engineers would discuss the possibility of adding Apple AirPlay and support for lossless quality music, as well as other hearing enhancements. Musk points out that the audio system in the Tesla Model S and Model X is amazing.

We will discuss this and other improvements with Tesla Audio Engineering. The new audio system in Model S and X is amazing.

This turnaround with Apple could encourage Tesla to offer other brand services at the apple like Apple CarPlay, conspicuously absent from Tesla cars. Apple CarPlay has been an option that the community has been asking for for years.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are increasingly part of standard equipment of our cars, however these practical technologies are absent from the Tesla and have always been. For more or less obscure reasons, Elon Musk has always been very critical of Apple’s politicsand by domino effect deprives users of its services.

The addition of Apple AirPlay can therefore be seen as the necessary opening to a broader integration of Apple products like Apple CarPlay and by extension to Android-Auto.

It remains to be seen whether the addition of Apple CarPlay remains coherent in view of a another rumor indicating that Tesla is about to integrate an online store like an App Store to allow users to install other apps like Waze which would make Apple CarPlay and Android Auto much less relevant. Either way, Tesla is constantly upgrading its cars and the addition of Apple AirPlay could bode well for the future.

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