Electric bike insurance: obligation and guarantees

A liability insurance obligation for fast electric bikes

Although pedelecs are not subject to any insurance obligation and their use is often covered by your family civil liability in the same way as a normal bicycle, the same is not true for fast electrically assisted bicycles. Indeed, the speed bike, exceeding 25 km/h and operating even if the user stops pedalling, is assimilated to a moped and as such, is subject to holding a driving license and to the obligation of third-party insurance imposed on all motor vehicles.

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The specific moped contract

This contract covers civil liability incurred if you injure a pedestrian, cyclist or any other road user or if you damage a vehicle or any other property belonging to a third party. But this contract may also include other guarantees covering the speed bike, in the event of material damage caused in the event of a fall or collision, as well as guarantees in the event of theft (within the limits of the conditions specified in the contract and in particular the obligation of an anti-theft device) or fire of the machine.

The contract may also include individual guarantees for the driver in the event of bodily injury following a fall or collision.

Lack of insurance is penalized by a fine of 135 euros which can go up to 3,750 euros (article L.324-2 of the Highway Code). In the absence of insurance and in the event of compensation for the third party victim of bodily injury by the FGAO (Compulsory Insurance Guarantee Fund), the latter will then turn against the uninsured responsible perpetrator to recover the compensation paid.

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Extension and adaptation of the civil liability guarantee

This solution may prove to be more economical if you do not want a “damage” guarantee for your VAE or individual guarantees for its driver.

Warning : Sometimes the civil liability of multi-risk home insurance will cover the use of electric vehicles such as children’s toys (motorcycles, tractors and other toys) whose speed must not exceed 6 km/h.

Therefore, if you have an e-bike that can travel up to 25 km/h, you should consult your insurer who will tell you if your contract covers the use of your electric bike or will proceed with the warranty extension that will allow you to be well covered for an additional contribution.

Why take out electric bike insurance?

Although VAE insurance is not compulsory, it is often useful (apart from RC which is strongly recommended but often covered in your Multi-risk Home insurance) if you have a new electric bike, this type of machine being very frequently stolen.

Indeed, whether you own an e-bike or a speed bikeit is an investment that represents a non-negligible sum. Insuring your bike is therefore not useless if it were to suffer damage in the event of an accident or fall or if it was stolen (pay attention to the anti-theft system and sometimes to compulsory engraving). Of course, VAEs insured in the event of material damage will also benefit from guarantees in the event of natural disasters and technological disasters.

Which guarantees to subscribe?

As mentioned in the specific moped contract offered to speed bikesyour VAE can also benefit from guarantees intervening to take care of the repairs of restoration following a collision or a fall or even a theft or a fire. Some contracts also cover vandalism.

To note : some market contracts cover theft of the battery alone. But beware of the deductibles and wear and tear applied according to the age of the battery (so don’t forget to notify your insurer if you change the battery and keep the purchase invoice in a safe place.), But also the gear. The older your VAE, the less you will receive in the event of destruction or repair costs (these will be limited to the deducted value of obsolescence).

Finally, most contracts include a repair/assistance guarantee. Be careful here again with the mileage deductible (assistance within a radius of 10 to 20 km seems sufficient given the usual use of VAE over a short distance).

To be more complete, let’s add that some contracts include a driver’s guarantee.

Cost of electric bike insurance

As stated before, insurers offer different formulas with more or less complete guarantees covering damage suffered by the machine, but sometimes also damage suffered by the driver and sometimes even an extended guarantee for equipment. The price also varies according to the ceiling value granted on the VAE and the area of ​​use to take into account the particularly high risk of theft in urban areas.

This is why it is relatively difficult to indicate a price range as the formulas are so disparate and all the more so since some insurers overlap their guarantee with those granted on cycles and other equipment insured under their multi-risk home contract, adding a moderate contribution to that provided for in multi-risk home insurance.

Finally, some insurers apply a rate of obsolescence in relation to the age of the bike, while others do not apply any obsolescence. Insurance comparators can help you for a first tariff approach starting from an insured new value. It is then up to you to compare the guarantees granted to complete your study.

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