EC Orléans: two defeats but the assurance of going up!

For the volleyball players of EC Orléans, the days go by and look alike. This Sunday, May 22, in their room of the Argonaute, they have just lost, 2-3, against VB Romanais (13-15 in the tie break)after a fight of almost 2h45.

Yesterday Saturday, after a struggle of about 2h30, they had experienced the same misadventure in front of ASSP Entremont-Rixheim, defeats in five sets after dropping a match point! From a sporting point of viewat the end of this first weekend of the “Elite” accession tournament, the Orléanaises are in fourth place with 2 points and they are therefore in a position to go up since, in the texts, only the club ranked last will remain in N2.

A success, next weekend, during act 2 of this 2022 accession tournament, and the case will be mathematically in the pocket. For that, it will be necessary to overcome Montpellier or Halluin, a club in the north of France which will have the advantage of receiving.

Montpellier gives up in turn

Already, the girls of ECO can chill the champagne. Because, after Entremont-Rixheim, on Saturday, the Montpellier club announced this Sunday that it would not seek the climb because of its structures. too fragile (150 licensees only) to hope to evolve correctly in the antechamber of the Professional League A.

Consequence of these two renunciations: Orléans, VB Romanais (Romans-sur-Isère) and Halluin have the assurance, without delay, of playing at the top level at the start of the school year, as provided for by the regulations of the French Volleyball Federation (FFVB). There is no more suspense!

Laurent Coursimault


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