Eaton’s eMobility Division Launches Battery Disconnect Unit, Featuring Upgraded Breaktor® Circuit Protection Technology

Energy management company Eaton today announced that its eMobility division has launched a battery disconnect unit (BDU) that can be combined with modernized Breaktor circuit protection technology.®to provide circuit protection in electric vehicles (EVs), while generally reducing complexity and cost.

Eaton’s battery disconnect unit combined with Breaktor® circuit protection technology provides circuit protection in electrified vehicles while reducing overall complexity and cost. (Photo: BusinessWire)

When combined with Breaktor circuit protection technology, which combines current switching and reconfigurable bi-directional short circuit protection with fast tripping, Eaton’s BDU eliminates the need to add up to 15 additional system. Typical systems require combining pyrotechnic and thermal fuses with contactors.

“As manufacturers continue to increase power levels in EVs, it is becoming increasingly important to have high-performance and reliable protection solutions,” said Kevin Calzada, global director of product strategy, at within Eaton’s eMobility division. “Our BDU, combined with our Breaktor circuit protection technology, provides everything needed, in a compact and efficient package, to protect the vehicle and its occupants. »

The main function of the BDU is to act as an on-off switch for the battery, depending on the operating mode of the EV, such as charging mode or driving mode. Current VE designs rely on one of three common BDU configurations: fuse and contactor; pyrotechnic fuse and contactor; or fuse, pyrotechnic fuse and contactor, all used together in a single BDU. Although all of these components provide switching and protection functions, each has certain drawbacks, including overall system complexity, operating problems, coordination difficulties, or even a risk of wear in the event of high levels of fluent.

Adding Breaktor circuit protection technology to Eaton’s BDU provides additional functionality and benefits, including active and passive tripping in a single device; the possibility of going into stop mode in a multitude of failure cases; better functional safety; a possibility of reconfiguration after a failure at high energy level; as well as the ability to replace up to four high-voltage electrical components, reducing system-level complexity and cost.

“The self-triggering design, diagnostic electronics and mirror-contact of our Breaktor circuit protection technology helps achieve the functional safety goals of the BDU,” Calzada said. “With its coil, economizer, and detection/trigger circuitry, Breaktor circuit protection technology also reduces the cost and complexity of system and battery management. »

Eaton’s Breaktor circuit protection technology also enables fast charging up to 350kW DC when used to protect and interlock the DC fast charging circuit, allowing EVs to charge in 15 minutes, even less. This capability is made possible by recent upgrades to the thermal management of the Breaktor circuit protection technology, as well as materials to improve its power capability. Breaktor circuit protection technology is now capable of withstanding 500 amps continuous, and up to 750 amps continuous current when active or passive cooling is used.

“Breator achieves class-leading current values, which can be increased even further with an appropriate cooling strategy,” Calzada said. “Eaton is able to design and develop a compatible cooling system, based on customer specifications, and integrate it into a BDU to meet these increasing power constraints. »

Eaton is an intelligent energy management company committed to improving the quality of life and preserving the environment for everyone, around the world. We are guided by our commitment to do our job well, operate sustainably, and enable our customers to manage their energy, today and for many years to come. Capitalizing on rising global trends in electrification and digitalization, allows us to accelerate the planetary transition towards renewable energy, while helping to solve the world’s most pressing energy management challenges, and focusing on the best for our shareholders and society as a whole.

Founded in 1911, Eaton’s has been listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) for nearly a century. We posted revenue of $19.6 billion in 2021, serving customers in over 170 countries.

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