Eating an egg a day may reduce the risk of heart disease

According to a study, regular egg eaters have higher levels of good cholesterol than others. Explanations.

The studies follow one another and are not always alike concerning the egg. According to a recent study conducted in China, those who ate about one egg a day had higher levels of good cholesterol than those who did not. This study was conducted via dietary surveys and blood tests performed on 4,778 Chinese adults. These findings were published online in the scientific journal eLife.

Participants who ate one whole egg a day had higher levels of healthy protein and good cholesterol in their blood. Conversely, they had lower levels of bad cholesterol. Benefits confirmed by Dr Christian Recchia who reminds, at the microphone of Yahoo, that – regardless of age – the egg is a restructuring agent for the whole body.

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The egg, good cholesterol

We have eggs that have ten grams of amino acids per egg. Protein is absolutely brilliant and it’s even the best protein there is. An egg is fat, it’s twelve grams of fat per egg. There is very little saturated fat in eggs contrary to popular belief. There are especially monounsaturated polyunsaturated fats which repair our neurons, which repair our immune cells, which repair our vessels“, details Dr. Christian Recchia.

What about cholesterol? It is now a false debate for the specialist since “75% of cholesterol is produced by the liver, 25% is provided by food. So the egg brings a lot of cholesterol. A winter egg provides 275 milligrams of cholesterol. A summer egg, when the hen is a little fatter, provides 400 milligrams of cholesterol“. Regarding these levels, Dr. Recchia wants to be reassuring since he points out that the levels are automatically regulated since when the consumption of cholesterol is too high then the intestine accepts less.

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