Dogecoin Developer De-Zines Binance Smart Chain, Calling All Tokens On It “Trash” | binance smart chain

The creator of one of the most popular meme cryptos on the market has hit out at the BSC community, calling every token on the network “garbage” and creating controversy in a thread Twitter.

Markus also added that the “bscgem” is non-existent, and that projects with a certain perspective and core value aren’t going to work with a BSC filled with scams, exploits, and other issues.

He also added that anyone who mentions the term “bscgem” is either a scam bot or a “idiot“. Such a harsh description of BSC-based projects is most likely caused by the number of scams and exploits that have occurred on BSC since the rise of the DeFi industry.

Users then quickly objected to Marklus, claiming that not all Binance Smart Chain-based projects are scams.

The Dogecoin co-founder later added that he can’t think of any exceptions to the rule, as the involvement of a project or platform in the chain is usually a massive red flag, and that’s is “almost 100% garbage” if it has anything to do with BSC.

Markus reveals who wrote the Dogecoin code

Previously, the Dogecoin co-founder jokingly revealed the real people behind DOGE’s code, and they were Bitcoin developers. Markus probably meant that most of Dogecoin is made up of Bitcoin’s code base and not really unique.

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