Do you want to travel safely and under cover?

Who doesn’t like to travel, to change the air, the landscape…? And who doesn’t want their trip to be perfect?

This is unfortunately impossible because of the hazards and unforeseen events that can occur such as: loss of luggage, flight cancellation, accidents, etc. But we can still limit the damage thanks to the travel insurance.

The best travel insurance in Mexico according to each case

Individuals can travel to Mexico for various reasons and theinsuranceand adequate differs from case to case:

Going on vacation to Mexico

If you are going to visit Mexico for less than 3 months, we recommend the Cape Assistance. You will have baggage and flight cancellation insurance.

Long visit that exceeds 3 months

If you plan to take your time to discover all the corners of the country, opt for the Cape Adventurewhich offers health insurance and coverage of medical expenses.

If you are leaving for a professional visit: work

As insurance for expatriates is often very expensive, we offer you an economical choice: the Cap Tempo Expatwhich is at the same time very solid and suitable for this category.

Study trip or internship

Students, opt for insurance that saves you some costs and puts you under full coverage. So, quite simply, the insurance contract Cap Student and you will be covered by Euro Assistance with reimbursement of all hospitalization costs.

Guarantees of insurance contracts

  • Hospitalization costs;
  • 24-hour repatriation assistance;
  • Baggage insurance;
  • Insurance on some dangerous sports;
  • Civil liability, private life abroad.

You have the choice between taking a insurance or not to do so, but in the interest of your safety and to facilitate certain procedures that follow the hazards, make the decision to have one based on the data and information previously cited so as not to find yourself dissatisfied at the end .

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