Do you want to professionalize your approach to trading? Kryll introduces the ultimate tool and centralizes your needs

Hard to ignore After his recent merger with BitMEXthe French automated trading platform innovates and promises its users the most intuitive trading experience on the market.

Introduced yesterday, the “Trading Terminal” is a tool that centralizes a panel of previously dispersed functionalities, allowing efficiency, additional sources of income, but also and above all, a much more sophisticated strategic approach.

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The Trading Terminal: the nerve center of your crypto exchanges

New Trading terminal (TT) of kryll was born from the desire to offer the most simple, direct and effective to place trading orders on the different platforms cryptocurrency exchange. In particular, by making it possible to intuitively add several levels of To take advantage of (TP/profit taking) and stop loss (SL/Loss Cut), perfecting your trading approach has never been so palpable.

The new Kryll Trading Terminal is coming! – Source:

As a worthy heir to the “Smart Trading” tool, the Trading Terminal was designed by Kryll’s technical teams, in collaboration with the most loyal traders in its community. This innovative tool is currently only available for the spot trading and will, of course, be quickly adapted to futures contracts.

An intuitive interface, with a complete trading environment Trading Terminal interface Many features have been added to it
The Kryll Trading Terminal interface – Source:

As demonstrated above, the Trading Terminal interface is a compendium of tools the most used by traders:

  • A window TradingView is directly integrated within your decision-making area. You will then be able to directly apply the strategies resulting from your technical analysis. An additional option allows you to save your current analysis, for later use (review of your trades, training, etc.)
  • A placeholder for the total amount you wish to commit to the trade. The minimum required is $100.
  • Options To take advantage of and stop loss upgrades are offered. They allow you to configure up to 5 levels profit-taking (fixed value or percentage), take advantage of the classic “fixed” Stop Loss function and finally, a scalable SL that can be adapted as desired.

In summary, the Kryll Trading Terminal is a real game changer in the world of trading. It allows you to quickly place secure trades with several levels of profit taking, and/or stop loss to limit losses in the event of a market reversal.

Its user interface centralizes technical analysis and position taking. The Smart Link functionality allows you to bring an additional social and pecuniary dimension to your trading activity. To go even further in the use of the Trading Terminal, a video tutorial is made available below by the Kryll teams.

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