do you risk a penalty?

You unfortunately hit an animal, wild or domestic and you fear the impact of this accident on your penalty? We take stock.

Having an accident can happen to anyone, even with all possible and imaginable precautions. A brief moment of inattention, an animal suddenly crossing the road or emerging from between two cars, a motorist running through a red light or a priority on the right. In short, when driving, as in all other aspects of life, the zero risk absolutely does not exist. Of course, you have to be careful and limit distractions, but sometimes an accident is unavoidable. This is particularly the case with animals, wild or domestic, which sometimes have the unfortunate tendency to throw themselves under the wheels of motorists, very often out of fear. And collisions with deer, dogs, cats or wild boars are then commonplace, and can do great damage to cars. But do you risk a penalty from your insurance? We will explain everything to you.

No impact on penalty

Rest assured right away, having an accident with an animal, whether pet or totally wild, should have no impact on the calculation of your CRM (reduction / increase coefficient). As specified by the insurance companies, such a collision is a case of force majeure and is by definition unforeseeable. In theory, therefore, you do not risk having a penalty and to see your insurance contribution increase the following year, because you will not be considered responsible.

Termination possible in certain cases

On the other hand, it may be the case, if it is proven that you could have avoided the collision, which is difficult to prove. In this case, you will receive a penalty of 25%. Note that in all cases, if you have aggravating circumstances, you can still risk a termination from your insurer. This is particularly the case if you were driving drunk or under the influence of narcotics.

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