Do you live in a condominium and want to install a charging station?

Claim your “right to plug” in the car park and install an electric car charging station in the condominium are your main goals? So, accept the help provided by Tesla Magazine and let’s go for the ultimate checklist…

Take the necessary information

Find out! There are several possible charging methods, only two of which are used in condominium buildings:

  • an occasional recharge from a household outlet;
  • intensive charging carried out on a reinforced socket or a specific charging station.

Do you have a specific charging station installation project?

With a household socket, the power supply is limited to an intensity of 8A, hence a very long recharge time of over twelve hours. With a reinforced socket or a charging station, however, the intensity can reach 15A, 30A or even 50A. This reduces the full recharge time of the vehicle considerably, to less than an hour on some models!

Whichever solution is chosen, each socket or terminal is always equipped with an individual meter to measure the electricity consumed by the user of an electric or hybrid car, the amount of which will be invoiced to him directly. Security solutions (keys, badges) are also offered for individual outlets or terminals installed in an apartment building to prevent someone from stealing their neighbour’s electricity.

Contact charging station installers from home to get more information, or even a quote! Namely: for individuals living in condominiums, there are two main choices depending on the available budget and the desired charging time.

  • the reinforced grip ;
  • the “Wallbox” type wall terminal.

Claim your “right to hold”

In all new collective housing, the “right to take” is now a reality. So, apply it! Since 1er January 2012, it is mandatory for newly built condominiums to equip their enclosed and covered parking lots with individual or collective charging stations.

With regard to collective housing already built, it has been possible since 1er January 2015 for each permanent resident of claim the installation (always at his expense) of an electric car recharge in the condominium if it has an enclosed and covered car park. Submit the work request by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt to the syndic of co-ownership, as well as to the owner of the accommodation if you are a tenant.

Contact and bring in a professional even before submitting your application to assess the work required. Indeed, your formal request sent by mail must include a detailed description of the work to be carried out and an installation diagram. The latter will be studied by the general meeting within a maximum of three months following receipt.

If the syndicate of co-owners responds favorably to the request but does not carry out the work, or if certain co-owners oppose the installation but do not seize the district court, carry out the work at your own expense within six months! It’s your right.

Take advantage of the tax credit!

To cover supply and installation costs, individuals benefit from a tax credit 30% for the energy transition. In co-ownership, additional aid is also offered via the ADVENIR scheme which covers up to 50% of the costs up to a limit of €600 for individual use and €1,300 for collective use, the amount rising to €960 and €1,660 respectively. € if an energy management system for the load is installed (recommended in the event of simultaneous recharging).

So don’t hesitate, go for it! Once you have taken the necessary information and the useful contacts, notify the trustee and/or the owner and once the procedure has been completed, take advantage of the result thanks to the tax credit and the ADVENIR bonus.

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