Do Covid-19 vaccines weaken the immune system?

Do Covid-19 vaccines weaken the immune system?
Vaccines strengthen the immune system. © Adobe stock

Vaccines against Covid lose effectiveness after three months: it is a drop in the immune response. Do vaccines then make the immune system weaker? We disentangle the true from the false.

Vaccines boost the immune system

The role of vaccines is to stimulate the immune system to induce protection against the virus. And this regardless of the technique: messenger RNA or attenuated virus vaccines, for example. This is why “there is no way vaccinations weaken the immune system“, also told AFP Srđa Janković, immunologist at the Belgrade pediatric hospital.

What is the immune response?

During a press conference of the European Medicines Agency on January 11, Marco Cavaleri, head of vaccine strategy at the EMA, spoke about the booster doses of anti-Covid vaccine. A journalist asked him if this could mean that “we could develop resistance to too many reminders over a short period of time.

Decreased normal immune response

AFP quotes Marco Cavaleri’s response: “If we have a strategy in which we give reminders, say every four months or so, we will, potentially, end up having problems with the immune response, and the immune response might end up not being as good as we would like it to be. In short: the repeated vaccine boosterss can lead to a reduced immune response. Vaccines become less effective over time.

No negative impact on the immune system

Covid vaccines do not have negative effects on the immune system. Vaccines do not weaken the immune system.

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