Distant maternity units: Health insurance covers 80 euros per night in a temporary non-medical establishment

On February 15, the government implemented, by decree, a benefit oftemporary non-medical accommodation for the pregnant women away from maternity. However, the conditions of access and the methods of supported of this service still needed to be clarified.

This has now been done with the publication, today, of an order fixing in particular the package amount per night and the maximum duration of accommodation in case of pathological pregnancy.

As a reminder, pregnant women residing more than 45 minutes from a maternity ward benefit, if they request it, from temporary non-medical accommodation and from the corresponding transport costs.

This accommodation is limited to 5 nights consecutive at most preceding the estimated date of delivery. In the event of medical necessity, this period may be extended until the actual date of delivery.

With regard to pathological pregnancies, the duration of temporary accommodation is limited to 21 nightsnot necessarily consecutive, and 23 round trips for the entire pregnancy.

As a reminder, theHealth Insurance finances this service only for pregnant women benefiting from the assumption of responsibility for their health costs. For all the others, the service will be invoiced to them (as well as that for any accompanying persons).

When funding is provided, it is in the form of a flat rate set at 80 euros per night and no contribution for accommodation can be requested in addition. This lump sum covers the accommodation costs of the pregnant woman and possibly those of her companion(s).

The accommodation establishment will therefore receive a sum resulting from the multiplication of the amount of the flat rate per night by the number of nights of accommodation provided. The possible remaining charge will be paid by the pregnant woman.

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