Displeased, he blows up his Tesla Model S with dynamite!

Some owners, dissatisfied following litigation concerning their car, may be tempted to seek compensation, to sue, or to play the insurance. And then there are the others who prefer to simply destroy their vehicle…with dynamite.

When you read the automotive press or listen to certain owners, it is rather rare to hear negative reviews of Tesla models. Appreciated, adored even sometimes excessively idolizedthe models of the American brand – which in a few years of existence flooded Europe and the world – seem to be on a untouchable pedestal.

It must be said that with their record autonomy, their recharge time cannon and a high level of embedded technologiesthey are – pending the arrival of Chinese manufacturers on our roads – the ultimate in electric cars.

Nevertheless, it happens that the mayonnaise does not take. One Finnish Model S owner probably does not share this opinion, when he decided to blow his car dynamite!

Salty bill

This Finnish had received his Model S only a month and a half ago when this is broke down.

Towed to the garage, it had the very bad surprise to learn that she needed a complete battery change. An invoiced operation €20,000 ! Like a bad news never happens alone, he realized that his insurance could do nothing for him.

Clear, or he left her immobilized be it got rid of this heavy sum… He still decided to drive out of the garage. Not to try to fix it but to dick up sticks of dynamite!

Explosive Cocktail

Failing to sell it for parts for a modest sum, he simply preferred the properly destroy.

In video posted on YouTubethe Tesla is towed to a large expanse of snow lost in the middle of natureand literally exploded !

Thanks to the slow-motion sequences which break down the scene almost frame by framewe gradually see the flame from the wicks spread up to the explosives. An explosion that reduced to ashes and in no time who was once a high-end electric car

Failing to have public celebrations for the New Year, this man offered a beautiful fireworks display!

Discover this explosion in video:

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