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Again this year, the Mediterranean diet won the award for the best diets. Check out the rest of the rankings.

What is the best diet? For the sixth year in a row, the gold medal goes to the Mediterranean diet, as revealed by CNN. This time, this diet won the title of best diet, according to the 2023 ratings announced by US News & World Report. According to this report, the Mediterranean diet also takes the top spot for healthy eating and for the best plant-based diet. Just like last year, DASH and the flexitarian diet tied for second place for best overall diet.

This year, the rankings have been enriched with two new categories. The Mediterranean diet, the cholesterol-lowering diet, the TLC diet, and the flexitarian diet are all the best family diets. DASH gets the gold medal for bone-healthy diets. A total of 24 diets were analyzed by a panel of 33 experts. “We focused on quality over quantity. Our reviewers believed that there are diets that are so crazy that they are not worth your time, such as the Dukan Diet, which we no longer rate,” announced Gretel Schueller, health editor for US News & World Report, which oversees the annual diet rankings.

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Improve the quality of life

We are always looking for more health problems than we can handle. But often there is not enough scientific data examining diet X and condition X. However, bone and joint health is an area where there is a significant amount of scientific literature.“, stressed Gretel Schueller. Before adding: “We also recognize that our population is aging, so focusing on diets that can improve the quality of life for older adults is an important part.“.

Who will win the cap? This year, the prize for the worst diet was awarded to the diet consisting of raw food.

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