DIJON: The artist Babs depicts on the WALL a society “invaded by new technologies”

The Ile-de-France artist spoke on the MUR in Dijon this week. He commented on his work during the inauguration this Saturday, April 9 in the presence of Christine Martin.

Already present in Dijon in 2021 for an intervention at the Kennedy bridge during the Banana Pschit urban art festival, Babs, an artist from Vitry-sur-Seine, in Île-de-France, had carte blanche on the MUR at the crossroads of Jean-Jacques-Rousseau and Assas streets.

Claiming to be a “Parisian suburb” and keeping the memory of his first bomb action worthy of the name on line 7 of the Paris metro when he was a young teenager, Babs, 46, today likes to project himself and “go always further”, inspired by “everything related to science fiction”, he who categorizes himself in neo-graffiti.

50 years of the smiley

Its realization on the WALL somehow points to a society invaded by new technologies. “I put the smiley forward and in color, it’s the super fun image of technology”, he commented to us this Saturday April 9, 2022 in front of his work while the famous pictogram is celebrating its 50th anniversary. in 2022. Before continuing: “Encroaching on the smiley, I put a bit of all the new technologies that we are obsessed with today. We arrive at something that we will have to control because it is unhealthy”.

“We are going too far and too fast”

In summary, the artist admits that he is “one of the first to be glued to his digital tablet to draw” but does not want to hide “the bad sides” of such an era either. Starting with virtual reality: “VR will lock people into an even more closed universe, a universe where we will go less and less towards others”.
Babs’ envy? Show that “everything must have a happy medium. We are going too far and too fast, people do not have time to judge what is good for them or not, and it harms life between people.

The graffiti allows him to “always go to people”. And the framework offered to him this week in Dijon was one more opportunity for him to express himself and challenge. “The fact of imposing yourself in a place and showing people something, it provokes a reaction. Just that fact, we have already won as graffiti artists, ”he delivered as satisfaction.

Remember that the MUR project is carried by a collective of Dijon artists made up of RNST, Bretzel Film, Vizualistic and Éditions Inencadrable, accompanied by Zutique Productions and in collaboration with the City of Dijon represented this Saturday by Christine Martin, assistant to the mayor of Dijon delegated to culture. A new artist will come to put his mark on the WALL in July.

Alix Berthier
Photos: Alix Berthier

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