Deeptech Fairmat multiplies partnerships with industrialists attracted by its technology for recycling carbon fiber composites

And three! On the occasion of the exhibition dedicated to composite materials, the JEC 2022, which takes place from May 3 to 5 in Paris, Fairmat hits hard. The French deeptech, at the origin of a recycling process (kept secret) of carbon fiber composites, announces that it has signed partnerships with the producer of composite materials Duqueine, the industrial group of aeronautical services Tarmac Aerosave and the wind power specialist Siemens Gamesa. “More than ever, finding alternatives to landfilling and incineration is vital for the preservation of our natural resources”comments Benjamin Saada, president and founder of Fairmat, in a press release.

These agreements – one commercial, two R&D – are all aligned with the general ambition of the young shoot, namely “using waste carbon fiber composites to produce a new high-performance composite material”, as Mr. Saada explained during a Fairmat fundraiser of 8.6 million euros, last September.

Duqueine Rhône-Alpes, new customer

With Duqueine Rhône-Alpes, manufacturer of composite parts in the fields of aeronautics, automotive, medical and sports and leisure, Fairmat announces that it has signed a commercial partnership “in order to recycle its production scraps, in particular those used in the manufacture of the Airbus A350”.

Fairmat should thus collect “about 15 tonnes of waste per year” on the Duqueine sites of Massieux and Civrieux (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes), in particular those resulting from the routing, as well as the “raw” material, according to the information in the press release. The production offcuts will then be sent to the Fairmat production site, located in Bouguenais (Loire-Atlantique) to be processed.

Tarmac Aerosave and Siemens Gamesa, R&D partners

Still in the aeronautics sector, Fairmat announces that it has established “a first R&D agreement to recover carbon fiber composite parts contained in end-of-life aircraft parts deconstructed and recycled by Tarmac Aerosave”. The mission of deeptech will be to analyze “their compatibility with Fairmat’s industrial process and the possibility of giving them a second life”. If successful, a commercial agreement could be signed with Tarmac Aerosave, is it stipulated in the press release.

Finally, in the wind power sector, Fairmat announces that it has concluded with Siemens Gamesa “an R&D agreement”, similar to the one that links the startup to Tarmac Aerosave. As part of this partnership, Fairmat will have the task of collecting “composite waste from the manufacture of wind turbine blades at a Danish production site of Siemens Gamesa, located in Aalborg”before transporting them to its French production site for “study their compatibility with Fairmat’s industrial process”.

Production waste could be recycled for automotive, mobility, sports or construction markets. Depending on the R&D results, the two partners will evaluate the implementation “ongoing collaboration on the recycling of carbon fiber reinforced composite waste from Siemens Gamesa manufacturing processes”.

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