Dastra raises €1M to strengthen its technology and accelerate its European deployment

In a market whose overall annual growth is estimated at 46% per year, this operation will allow Dastra to continue developing its technology to facilitate the daily life of Data Protection Officers (DPO). The funds raised will also enable Dastra to accelerate its development in France and Europe, while the start-up already has customers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy.

Regulations that are particularly complex to manage

Four years after the implementation of the GDPR, it is clear that cases of non-compliance with the GDPR continue to multiply. 1.6 billion euros in fines have been issued since the entry into force of the GDPR and the CNIL, in its report published on May 11, 2022, reports a very sharp increase in the number of violations reported in the year last.

These shortcomings are not due to bad will on the part of companies and communities, but to an unsuitable approach and tools. Faced with an exponential amount of personal data disseminated in all systems and while new laws are regularly enacted, the management and monitoring of personal data is often carried out in silos, in an artisanal way, through manual practices and the use of software not designed for this or not connected to each other. Expensive methods, very time-consuming and which prevent the various stakeholders from cooperating, source of a strong loss.

It is to meet this challenge that Paul-Emmanuel Bidault, Antoine Bidault, Jérôme de Mercey and Romain Bidault created Dastra in 2020. Their objective: to enable organizations to meet all GDPR obligations, while improving the productivity of DPOs.

Transform the DPO into a “Privacy Hero”!

More than a simple response to a legal constraint, Dastra’s SaaS web solution helps DPOs to map and automate all technical and organizational processes related to personal data.

In a competitive market, Dastra stands out by placing collaboration at the heart of the GDPR approach in order to allow DPOs to interact simply with all operational teams and in all processes involving the processing of personal data. The solution is also developed in open architecture to be associated with all systems and processes of organizations.

Ultimately, rather than a simple internal regulator, Dastra allows DPOs to position themselves as real “Privacy Heroes”! Conductors who can onboard everyone dealing with personal data to improve their organization’s ability to quickly comply with privacy regulations.

More than 1,200 entities two years after its creation

Backed by a ‘plug&play’ solution, intuitive and complete, Dastra has met with great success since its launch. Barely 2 years after its creation, the start-up forecasts a turnover of one million euros at the end of 2022. Its clients include fine SMEs and ETIs, such as Alan, Saur , Allociné, Albin Michel or Clermont Foot, but also public establishments (Hospitals of Marseille), and communities (city of La Rochelle and Charente-Maritime Department). In total, more than 1200 entities rely on Dastra for their GDPR compliance management.

Become one of the European leaders in the protection of personal data

In order to continue its development, Dastra has raised 1 million euros from a network of business angels including Seed4Soft, a club of software experts investing together in young promising B2B start-ups.

Thanks to this operation, the start-up has the necessary means to continue the technical development of its platform. As such, it plans to recruit 20 people and thus double the size of its team from 2022.

The funds raised will also enable Dastra to accelerate its international deployment, even though it already supports customers in Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. Its objective: to quickly establish itself among the European benchmarks for solutions for compliance with the GDPR and management of the protection of personal data.

Jacques Sebag, co-founder of Seed4Soft, comments: “In a market that all analysts announce is exponential, Dastra provides organizations with a simple, accessible, complete and efficient solution for managing personal data and maintaining a relationship of trust with individuals ( customers, citizens, employees…) and partners. Europe being a pioneer in data protection on a global level, it makes sense that it has a champion in this field, and Dastra has all the assets to become one. »

Paul-Emmanuel, co-founder of Dastra, concludes: “We warmly thank our investors for their involvement and their trust. It is a source of great pride for us to have been able to convince a key partner specialized in SaaS software and very selective in the choice of projects it supports. Being able to count on the commitment of its experts and integrating their ecosystem is a real guarantee of success for Dastra and we are delighted!


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