Cyclone Batsirai: 5 days to report a claim to insurance

After the passage of the cyclone, remains the damage. The victims have a limited time to make their declaration to their insurance. Depending on the type of contract and the cause, not all claims are always taken into account.

Passing closer to Reunion on Thursday February 3, tropical cyclone Batsirai generated strong winds, heavy rains and cyclonic swells for several days. Very degraded weather conditions which caused damage to some Reunionese.

Infiltrations or floods, material damage due to falling trees or branches, or household appliances and the contents of refrigerators lost due to power cuts, the consequences of a cyclone are varied.

Five working days to report a claim

Once the latter has left, it is therefore with his insurer that he must this time pass. This is the procedure for all disaster victims, whether they are victims of a small or a large disaster. It remains to be seen what will be covered by insurance or not.

The inventory of damage must be done quickly. The victims have five working days to declare a claim to their insurer after the passage of the cyclone. It is important to list as much information as possible and attach images to be compensated.

Check your insurance contract

The claimant’s insurance contract mentions what is covered under the “hurricane and cyclone” regime. ” Normally everything related to water damage or torn roofs is taken into account “, according to James Huet, treasurer of the Réunion – Mayotte insurers committee.

Fences or retaining walls fall under another regime, the contract may provide for it in certain cases. In others not, he adds, it would then be necessary to pass in an exceptional regime called “natural disaster regime”, which allows an extension of the guarantees to the insured.

Mudslides are not taken into account under the “storm, cyclone” scheme, but are taken into account under the natural disaster scheme.

Accelerated natural disaster recognition procedure initiated

Insurers, and in fact the insured, thus remain dependent on the announcements of the authorities. The prefect of Reunion has requested an accelerated procedure for recognition of the state of natural disaster. It has been accepted and initiated by the government, announced Jacques Billant on Friday February 4. A meeting is due to take place on Tuesday 8 February.

According to the committee of insurers, the steps can be more or less rapid, depending on the extent of the loss. For substantial damage, an expert may be commissioned by the insurance to assess the losses. An additional step that could take more time.

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