Cybertruck and Roadster production should start soon

Panasonic is reportedly starting to send cells for the Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster, the start of production seems to be approaching.

It’s been a few years now since Tesla came to announce the Cybertruck and Roadster, respectively a pick-up and the electric sports car of the American manufacturer. Production has not yet started for these two vehicles. However, new clues suggest that it won’t be too long. Indeed, Panasonic has started to deliver the new battery cells that will be used on the next electric models signed Tesla.

Tesla Cybertruck and Roadster soon on the roads?

During the year 2020, Tesla came to lift the veil on a new design of “4680” battery cells, more precisely a cylinder 46 millimeters in diameter by 80 millimeters long. This format should make it possible to offer better energy density and performance than current cells. Only a few Model Ys produced in Texas currently benefit from these new battery cells.

Good news, Panasonic, a longtime partner of Tesla, has just started sending its first 4680 cells to Tesla. Already confident of the quality of its new cells, the Japanese firm declared to Reuters that it was already ready to set up factories in the United States, but also that it was already capable of producing prototypes in quantity. Mass production is currently planned for the fiscal year beginning in March 2023. Tesla also plans to manufacture these cells in its Gigafactory.

As a reminder, this new battery cell format is necessary for Tesla to produce the long-awaited Cybertruck, announced in 2019. Indeed, the electric pickup will need them in order to offer the autonomy and power announced. They would also be part of the Tesla Roadster, announced almost 5 years ago by the company. It could thus be that these two electric vehicles could leave the factories in 2023 and finally arrive in the hands of the drivers who pre-ordered them.

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