Customizable car insurance: what is your profile?

Do you need to insure your new car? To make the right choice, it is essential to choose car insurance that is precisely adapted to your driver profile.

  • How do insurers define your profile?

To assess the amount of your car insurance premium, insurers take into account the model and power of the car, as well as several criteria:
– Your age
– Your place of residence
– Your driving habits
– Your background

  • Who are considered young drivers?

These are generally drivers in the 18-24 age group, but also people who got their license late, or who had to retake their license following a suspension. In general, all people whose license is less than 3 years old are considered young drivers by insurers.

  • Who is affected by the senior driver status?

To be a senior driver, you usually have to be over 50 (this may depend on the insurance company). If you belong to this category of insured, you may be considered by some insurers as a risk profile.

  • How to get insured when you are a risk profile?

Today, several professionals are happy to insure you whatever your profile – you can for example be insured by Leocare or other online insurers open to everyone. These companies will offer you a personalized offer corresponding precisely to your needs.

  • Who are the terminated drivers?

You are considered a “terminated driver” in several situations:
– Your driving license has been suspended
– Your contract has been terminated by your insurer due to too many claims
– You are not in good standing with regard to the payment of your insurance contributions

Drivers who fall into this category often have difficulty finding car insurance at an attractive price. They may be advised to take out basic insurance and customize it to suit the situation.

  • Did you know ? Lend your car in the rules

In France, each driver has the right to lend his car to an individual. However, it is important to find out beforehand about how insurance works in the event of a loan in order to be in good standing with the legislation.



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