Crypto Drink Paris – Come and drink to the health of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on April 5!

Cryptocurrency, NFT, Blockchain and DeFi enthusiasts will once again be able to meet over a drink to discuss the latest in decentralized finance. Each edition is an opportunity to discover a new Parisian bar in the center of Paris. For this month of April, the organizers invite you to the bar Le Carrousel, located at 40 rue Pierre Fontaine in the 9th arrondissement.

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The local newspaper promotes this great initiative to meet the crypto community, launched by a group of enthusiasts (@crypto_drink_75) to promote exchanges, create links, and generate meetings.

Their observation was simple: the world of Cryptocurrencies thrills thousands of people in Ile-de-France, who learn and share every day behind their screens. The content on the internet is rich and it is now very easy to train, and to join virtual communities to enrich one’s knowledge or satisfy one’s curiosity. But people don’t meet physically.

And life behind your screen is rarely enough to generate real links with other members of the network or the different communities. The creation of a monthly physical meeting in a relaxed setting was therefore born to compensate for the limits of a life spent behind screens.

So every first Tuesday of the month, a Crypto drink is organized in a Parisian bar whose address is communicated ten days before the event. This meeting is open to everyone, beginners, enthusiasts, professionals, influencers… For the first time, the April edition will also highlight young companies wishing to offer job offers in an informal setting.

The organizers of the Crypto Drink wish to allow these meetings to give rise to friendly meetings, but also to professional meetings, during which engineers, consultants, traders, developers can apply and companies can also offer job offers. .

The Crypto Drink Paris has become the first Parisian gathering open to everyone, not coming from an influencer or a professional in the field. This popular initiative therefore belongs to everyone, and the presence of hundreds of enthusiasts every first Tuesday of the month makes it valuable. With each edition, the Crypto community grows and strengthens a little more.

See you on Tuesday April 5 at Le Carrousel bar (Paris 9) from 7 p.m.

Crypto Drink ParisApril 5, 2022
The Carousel (40 rue Pierre Fontaine 75009 PARIS) »

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