COVID in travel: his insurance refuses to pay

The insurance company Manulife refuses to reimburse the costs incurred by a woman from Sainte-Julie, in Montérégie, when she contracted COVID-19 while traveling in Costa Rica.

Louise Cook purchased a two-week trip with Sunwing which included COVID-19 insurance offered by Manulife.

As the federal government required at the time of her trip, Ms. Cook took a PCR test 48 hours before her return to the country, which turned out to be positive.

She received a communication from the Costa Rican Ministry of Health telling her that she had to go into isolation for 10 days.

The traveler then contacted the insurance company to find out how she should proceed.

“I said I had tested positive, and asked what I was supposed to do. [L’agent] said: keep all your receipts, the flight, the meals, the hotel, the taxi to come back, and when you go back to Canada, there you will make a claim”, reports Ms. Cook.

After her 10-day period of isolation in her hotel room, the woman returned home at her own expense on an Air Canada flight.

Upon her return, she contacted Manulife to make her claim, but was refused.

“I called and they told me that because I hadn’t been to see a doctor and it wasn’t a doctor who gave me the PCR test, that they weren’t going to pay” , she says.

Contacted Friday morning, Sunwing and Mannuvie did not respond to requests from TVA Nouvelles.

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