Covid and influenza: reliability, price… 3 questions about this new antigenic test that detects viruses at the same time

New antigenic tests make it possible to detect Covid-19 and influenza in the same sample. Explanations.

Two in one. New tests, equipped with a single swab, make it possible to detect two viruses at the same time: influenza and Covid. What to facilitate the diagnosis, and to adapt the treatment of the patients.

Where can you get it?

This is a test that is already available in some pharmaciesnoticed france info.

How does this test work?

This last one is less uncomfortable than with a cotton swab and you just have to wait a few minutes to know the result, reliable between 96 and 99%reports one of the companies that produce this test in France 3.

“The test is the same, it is nasal mucus, we will recover and that we will not only migrate on a strip that will detect the antigens from Covid, but also the antigens from influenza”, explains Fabien Larue, director of the AAZ laboratory, which produces this test, for our colleagues.

Is it refunded?

No, not at the moment. It is invoiced 5 euros. The High Health Authority is in the process of evaluating it with a view to its possible refundhowever specifies france info. In some regions, GPs already offer it for free. Practitioners are waiting for the green light from the Ministry of Health to generalize them.

A test to detect Covid, influenza and even RSV, the virus that causes bronchiolitis, developed by one of the companies that produce these tests, is also in the testing phase, according to TF1 info.

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