Covid: 300,000 fake health passes in the sights of Health Insurance

Dare cold sweats for many fraudsters. As reported Le Figaro, Health Insurance will deactivate 300,000 fake health passes over the next two weeks. This vast device targets in particular the resellers who have usurped the professional cards of doctors to mass-produce fake passes and who now face very heavy prison sentences.

Olivier Véran’s services have indeed discovered that doctors, although they have never vaccinated anyone, have been awarded 10,000 vaccinations and therefore as many health passes issued. In what is akin to a large-scale scam, the Minister of Health affirms, with the daily, to have “the absolute certainty” of not being mistaken. According to the authorities, several doctors have, in recent months, had their professional cards stolen, which has therefore made it possible to manufacture the famous sesames.

“Everything ends sooner or later by being known”

Very soon, 300,000 people will see their fake health pass invalidated overnight. Health insurance will proceed in waves, removing 30,000 false passes this week, then more in the following weeks, details Le Figaro. Moreover, the holders of these false sesames should not be sanctioned. Despite “a bad approach at the start” by wanting to circumvent the law, Olivier Véran considers them to be “victims” because of their exposure to Covid-19.

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For counterfeiters, who took the opportunity to collect large sums of money, the consequences should however be of a completely different ilk. “Everything ends up sooner or later by being known”, judge Olivier Véran, who did not dwell on the nature of the sanctions to come against them.

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