Court of Meaux: “You are driving at 160 km / h, drunk, without insurance or license! »

Before being neutralized after a dangerous chase, Davy dreamed of being a truck driver in Switzerland. He will now reconsider his future. For having endangered the police, the driver, drunk at the wheel, saw his license definitively canceled and his car seized.

Courthouse in Meaux (Photo: ©I. Horlans)

On Wednesday January 5, Davy confused the city center of Meaux, in Seine-et-Marne, with the Italian racing circuit of Imola. So he appeared two days later before the 1time correctional chamber of the Meldois judicial court, at the end of a police custody which enabled him to eliminate the vapors of alcohol. However, the little bald man in his forties does not seem aware of the seriousness of the facts. Beneath his blue jacket, his shrugs mean this isn’t all as serious as it seems. And never mind that he nearly hurt a police officer.

Father of two teenagers who, on several occasions, begged him not to drink anymore, not to take drugs anymore, Davy agrees half-heartedly that it would have been better to listen to them: “But it’s hard. I started cannabis when I was 12 and I drink a lot. The last time I quit, I lasted five days. The defendant finds a thousand excuses when he should make amends and realize that not having killed anyone so far is a small miracle.

Positive for cannabis, heroin and amphetamines

Did Davy recover his senses when the judges examine his file, this Friday, January 7? The question deserves reflection as he plays the indifference in the face of the accumulation of heads of prevention: refusal to comply, endangering the lives of others, repeated drunk driving, speeding, no permit, no insurance, no technical control for his vehicle which is not even in his name. If he admits the charges, it is to immediately minimize them or try to justify the offenses.

President Isabelle Verissimo reads the police report. At 10:10 p.m., while they were parked in Meaux, they saw a Citroën C4 tumbling down. It is flashed at 112 km/h instead of the authorized 50 km/h. They immobilize him and deploy a portcullis, then go up to Davy. Which puts the gas, climbs on the sidewalk, rushes on an official who jumps back. The driver fled, pursued by the patrol which had to drive at 160 km/h to catch up with him. Davy ends his race in the ditch of a secondary road.

His breathalyzer proves he drank too much; he is positive for cannabis, heroin, amphetamines. The cancellation of his points on April 24, 2021 prohibits him from driving, which did not prevent him from buying the C4 that month. “It was to work”, objects the driver who, on January 5, 2022, was however unemployed.

“I drank a bottle of rum with a friend”

The president seeks to understand: “- By what right do you drive drunk and without a license a vehicle that is not even insured?

– …

“Do you realize that you endangered the police?

– I never wanted to hit them!

– But you force them to chase you at 160 km/h!

– I don’t know why I acted like that… I had drunk a bottle of rum with a friend, we had smoked joints, I wasn’t clear. »

Davy is therefore the victim of a poor assimilation of narcotics and too many glasses. For the rest, he says “to have taken fright”. The lack of technical control, insurance? “A concern for money. » The cancellation of the permit? “I challenged her! ” From whom ? asks assessor Magalie Cart.

“– I wrote to the President of the Republic and to the Minister of the Interior.

– Oh? They are not the ones to be addressed, sir.

– Nevertheless, I disputed! I do not agree with the withdrawal of the last two points. That’s why I always drive. »

On the facts, there is not much more to specify. His personality is rather smooth: separated from the mother of his children, he lives with his parents who help him, support him. On the other hand, his criminal record says a lot about him. In 2003, he was convicted of drug possession and breach of trust. Violations of the narcotics legislation increase until 2013. Other sanctions are imposed for lack of license and insurance, attempted fraud, carrying and transporting weapons in September 2021.

“When will the warnings of justice have an effect? »

The president: “- How do you view your career?

– Nothing at all.

– And why do you want to go to Switzerland?

– I have a friend who wants to hire me there as a truck driver.

“That could be a bit of a problem…”

Prosecutor Myriam Khouas is amazed: “Do you know that alcohol and speed are the main causes of fatal accidents? You had no consideration for the police, you put them in danger! Despite the nine entries on your record and addiction problems, you have never been imprisoned! When will justice’s warnings affect you? “She believes that Davy must be forced to seek treatment and requires a year in prison, half of which is firm, plus the revocation of his last three-month reprieve.

The defense lawyer pleads dependency, a loving family environment and agrees that a duty of care would be welcome: “It is a good way to protect society. Jail would be useless. »

The judges deliberate for ten minutes. They fully follow the requisitions of the prosecutor. However, Davy will serve his sentence under electronic surveillance at his parents’. He will have to consult, work, follow a course of citizenship, pay a fine of 750 €. His license is definitively cancelled, he will not be able to retake it until 2024. His Citroën is confiscated. “This is your last chance, sir. It’s extremely serious, you understand? adds the president. Davy shrugs and doesn’t answer.

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