Could Tesla batteries last 100 years?

The batteries remain the Achilles’ heel of the electric cars : they are (too) heavy, are very expensivese unload too fast and don’t recharge fast enough. In addition, they are also a environmental challengebecause, in addition to raw materiala lot of energy must also be spent, whether during the manufacturing phase or recycling.

In this context, a battery that would be able to support the charging cycles and discharge for several years and in a much more sustained manner than today would clearly be welcome. However, certain publicity stunts suggest that a battery, it can take a long time. Tesla is quite used to this and the manufacturer has even launched research on the subject with Jeff Dahn who is a professor in the Department of Physics and Atmospheric Sciences and the Department of Chemistry at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada.

100 years rather than 1 million km?

Tesla Model 3

In a recent article published in the Electrochemical Society, the man explains that, rather than lasting 1 million kilometres, the battery could rather last… 100 years !

And to achieve this, the researcher even offers a solution: all you have to do isincrease energy density battery throughout its life. For Jeff Dahn, this prospect would be nothing other than reality. Indeed, he explains that his team was able to obtain quite surprising results by means of nickel-based batteries. Of course, these batteries would have to be able to work in an ideal environment (25 C° in particular), but according to him, it is possible.

Very concretely, the chemistry of these nickel batteries is enough close from that of LFP batteries (Lithium-Iron-Phosphate), but their energy density would simply be higher.

Commercially, this is all well done. And in the media too. Tesla has in any case renewed all its confidence in the team of Jeff Dahn with a contract extension until 2026. Enough to bring us to cars that will last 100 years. Probably not, because then that would be the bankruptcy assured of all builders ! In any case, it’s a very nice way of trying to give confidence in the future. Research is ongoing. Let us remain confident, even if we know that it is never a single solution that wins, but a range of common sense proposals.

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