Cotentin hospital center: a small revolution in the fight against diabetes

Angélique Leroux, healthcare executive, Nahla Sarraf, pediatrician, Catherine Blachère, childcare worker, and Sophie Le Bas, dietician, recently proposed a closed-loop system to diabetics in the pediatric department of the CHPC. (©Thibault HOULETTE)

A system in ” closed loop “. This expression will probably not appeal to ordinary people, but people with diabetes consider it a small revolution.

A first in the Channel

It’s a Management system which consists in automatically regulate insulin levels based on glucose levels of the diabetic person.

The idea, for a type 1 diabetic, is to find a balance in order to be as little as possible in hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia.

Nahla Sarrafpediatrician at CHPC

The pediatrician can use this innovative pump recently and has benefited a first patient, a 17-year-old teenager.

A first in the Channelwhile this system was validated in children last April.

Thanks to a new insulin pump which automatically delivers insulin according to the current situation and the blood sugar level predicted by an algorithm which analyzes the blood sugar levels transmitted to the insulin pump, which will then act.

Nahla Sarrafpediatrician at CHPC

Technology is not everything

Indeed, if the new system makes life easier for the patient, it does not exonerate him from liability.

The machine cannot do everything on its own. The pump does not know if the person is eating or not, if they have exercised or not, for example. It is therefore necessary to modify the objective via the pump

Nahla SarrafCHPC pediatrician

70 children followed in the hospital

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Within the establishment, the service follows approximately 70 diabetic children.

In the case of a child, it is therefore all the more important that the parents be made aware.

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It’s not just technology. Behind this, there is a whole team work around therapeutic education with the management and analysis of meals, counting carbohydrates. Overnight, parents are being asked to put catheters in, to figure out the numbers. It is enormous. We try to prepare them as well as possible beforehand, but it’s a long way.

Nahla Sarrafpediatrician at CHPC


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