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It is a real challenge that the CORUM group is launching in 2020: to enter the very closed insurance market, with the creation of a new, completely independent company and the launch in the wake of a life insurance, CORUM Life, one of a kind! The company headed by Frédéric Puzin is used to challenges. It has already made a name for itself for its innovative spirit by shaking up the world of SCPIs ten years earlier with its original initiatives. Its approach: to put itself in the shoes of the saver to design accessible, pragmatic solutions geared towards the search for performance.

A “producer to consumer” approach

It is therefore an unprecedented vision of life insurance that the CORUM Life contract offers today. His particuliarity ? An offer made up almost exclusively of in-house products: two SCPIs – CORUM Origin and CORUM XL, within the limit of 55% of the contract – and four bond funds managed by CORUM group teams for 15 years. While market standards rely on a high number of eligible funds to make it a marketing argument, CORUM Life stands out for its simplicity and its transparent approach, directly “from producer to consumer”. And no euro funds referenced on the contract! The funds available in CORUM Life are therefore inherently risky funds. To temporize their dependence on market fluctuations, the contract offers a free guarantee of 100% of the sums invested in the event of death before age 65. After age 65, this guarantee decreases by 5% per year, ultimately reaching 50% in the event of death at age 75.

An accessible and clear placement

With an entry ticket of 50 euros, CORUM Life aims to be accessible to everyone. It is also for this reason that there are no costs specific to the contract: neither on the opening, nor on the payments, nor on the management, nor on the arbitrations. No more stacking, everything happens as if you were investing directly: you only pay the fees related to bond funds and SCPIs that are included in your contract. In other words, the performance of your life insurance is equal to the performance of the funds that make it up. You can make this selection à la carte, subject to a maximum of 55% SCPI, or opt for one of the six predefined formulas offered by CORUM Life. In 2021, the performance of the contract ranged from 3.8% to 5% net of management fees, depending on the formula chosen, bearing in mind that past performance is not indicative of future performance.

A contract hailed by the market

CORUM Life allows you to diversify and boost your savings, by combining SCPI and bond funds within the privileged tax and inheritance framework of life insurance. On the one hand, as long as your savings remain invested, they are not subject to income tax. In the event of withdrawal eight years after subscription, your capital gains are exempt from tax up to a limit of €4,600 (€9,200 for a couple). On the other hand, the transmission of the capital held via this contract will take place, in an advantageous tax framework for the people you have chosen as beneficiaries of your contract, according to their personal situation and changes in the regulations.

Hailed for its innovative character, its intrinsic qualities and its level of service to policyholders, the CORUM Life contract has already been rewarded 13 times by professionals in the sector since its creation!

Ranking methodologies are available from the organisers. Reference to a ranking, price or rating is not indicative of future performance.

CORUM Life’s formulas reflect the performance of SCPIs and bond funds in which the savings are invested:

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Precautions before investing

The products marketed by CORUM L’Épargne are long-term investments which offer no guarantee of performance and present a risk of loss of capital and liquidity. Income is not guaranteed and will depend on the evolution of the real estate and financial market and the exchange rate. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

Legal Notice

CORUM L’Épargne, SAS with share capital of €101,304.09, RCS Paris n° 851 245 183, head office located at 1 rue Euler 75008 Paris, registered with ORIAS under number 20002932 ( in his capacity as financial investment adviser, member of the CNCIF, chamber approved by the AMF, agent in banking operations and payment services, agent of insurance intermediary and general insurance agent under the ACPR control, 4, place de Budapest CS 92459 75436 Paris Cedex 9.

The CORUM Origin SCPIs, SCPI visa n°12-17 of the AMF of July 24, 2012, CORUM XL, SCPI visa n°19-10 of the AMF of May 28, 2019 are managed by CORUM Asset Management, a management company of portfolio, SAS with share capital of €600,000, RCS Paris no. April 14, 2011 under number GP-11000012 and under the AIFM directive 2011/61/EU.

CORUM Life is a unit-linked contract managed by CORUM Life, a public limited company with a management board and supervisory board with share capital of €20,000,000, governed by the Insurance Code, RCS Paris n° 852 264 332, registered office located at 1 rue Euler 75008 Paris, subject to the control of the ACPR, 4 place de Budapest CS 92459 75436 Paris Cedex 9.

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