CodeNekt wants to shake up fleet management with NFT technology

New French company on the fleet management market, CodeNekt arrives with blockchain and NFT technologies. Technical arguments to put forward when valuing vehicles at the end of the contract.

CodeNekt’s technology makes fleet vehicle history data tamper-proof.

Visitors paraded on its stand at the Autonomy trade show (March 16-17, 2022), attracted by specific terms that were very popular: Blockchain and NFT. Francois Hashem made these two technologies the heart of the fleet management solution of CodeNekt, the start-up it launched on the market at the end of 2021 after two years of preparation work.

The platform he designed offers fleet managers access to a driver assistance solution embedded in the smartphone, in the form of an application. No third-party enclosure or equipment is required. The latter can then supervise the allocation of vehicles, control the costs of use, assess the quality of driving and manage the duration of the contracts.

The statistics reported in the platform come from the accelerometer of smartphones and are cross-checked with the theoretical data provided by the drivers. CodeNekt also knows how to collaborate with start-ups specializing in connected tire valves to enrich the balance sheet. The creation of gateways to other contributors remains quite plausible, we understand in the speech given by Francis Hachem.

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serial entrepreneurthe founder of CodeNekt is however not a known figure in the automotive world. His experience, he forged it in the world of technology. This is how he came up with the idea of ​​applying his knowledge of data security to the fleet management industry. To explain it simply, the start-up will encapsulate all the usage information of a vehicle in an NFT. An inviolable computer file which can certify the history of the vehicle, at the time of valuation on the second-hand market.

It is a mix of information between application data, events declared by users and what the auto centers will add after the revisions“, explains Francis Hachem. For the machine to start, he must approach the signs and obtain authorization to interface with the DMS systems of the workshops. The registration number indicated in the receiver’s computer will be enough to make the link to automatically update the CodeNekt platform.

Discussions with a builder

Then, the start-up is banking on the viral dimension. For two main reasons. First, because fleet managers and owners should see it in their interest in anticipation of resale on the used vehicle market. Then, because the application rewards those who lend themselves to the game. Based on their driving behavior, motorists will be able to subscribe to personalized insurance formulas and depending on their level of loyalty, they will receive offers from partners .

In terms of profiles, ETIs and SMEs are the priority targets of the start-up. An experiment will begin with a leading French short-term rental company in May 2022. “We are talking to automotive investment funds or the insurance sector to boost our business by having access to their networks“, reveals the founder of CodeNekt. Among the prospects is a global manufacturer who may well want to exploit the technology in the United States, in addition to Europe.

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