Coco Michel’s son arrested for cryptocurrency fraud over three million dollars

According to Telegram, Aurélien Michel, son of former Guingamp player Claude “Coco” Michel, was arrested at New York airport on January 4. He is accused of defrauding over three million dollars from NFT buyers.

Claude Michel’s son, alias Coco, is in trouble with American justice. The telegram reports this Saturday that Aurélien Michel was arrested on Wednesday, January 4 at JFK airport in New York en route to the United Arab Emirates, where he resides. He is suspected of fraud with cryptocurrency, estimated at three million dollars.

The 24-year-old allegedly defrauded buyers of his NFT Mutant Ape Planet collection, according to a document from the US Department of Justice. The former Lannion and Ploumagoar player would have performed one blanket sweater (carpet pull). In other words: he attracted investors to his collection of NFTs before disappearing while keeping the latter’s money.

“Society has become too toxic”

Aurélien Michel was presented to a New York judge on January 5. He is accused of “willfully devising a scheme or art to defraud individual cryptocurrency holders in order to obtain money or goods from them by means of one or more pretenses, representations and promises that are materially false and fraudulent”, between December 2021 and December 2022.

In his defense, the son of Coco Michel claims that he never had “the intention to ‘pull the rug'”, adding that “society has become far too toxic”.

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