Circuit buffs can go even faster with the Tesla Model S Plaid

Tesla has formalized a new driving mode, reserved for its most powerful car: the Model S Plaid. It is intended for those who love to ride on the circuit to beat ever faster times.

Last year, Tesla launched its most powerful car ever: the Model S Plaid, equipped with three motors and capable of going very, very fast. Not yet available in France, the sedan can reach a top speed of 322 km/h and engulf the 0 to 100 km/h in 2.1 seconds. It’s not the fastest production car in the world, but close. To go even further in performance, the manufacturer formalized a new driving mode on January 6.

As its name suggests, the Plaid Track Mode adds new options to improve performance when driving on the circuit – a discipline appreciated by a confirmed audience. This is an evolution of Track Mode, which was introduced in 2018 on the Model 3 Performance and maximizes the efficiency of the two engines installed in the compact sedan. Since the Model S Plaid has one more, it needed a dedicated mode.

Tesla’s Plaid Track Mode // Source: Tesla

Why a track mode for the Model S Plaid?

The Plaid Track Mode optimizes the way in which the power of the drivetrain is delivered, between the rear and the front. The system is once again designed to best adjust the torque (force of rotational movement) distributed to the wheels. In Track Mode, the idea was to better differentiate front and rear.

With the Plaid Track Mode, a new data is added: to better differentiate the left rear wheel from the right rear wheel. ” When track mode is active, Plaid technology automatically adjusts torque distribution to the rear wheels independently, which applies a torque difference when turning the car around corners says Tesla. Profits ? More agility, more control and more steering feel.

Temperature management is the other element on which the Plaid Track Mode focuses. Indeed, by accelerating and braking hard, the car can overheat – which can have an impact on the performance of the battery. The mode contains the heat better by circulating the coolant. The Model S also accentuates the power of regenerative braking to recover more energy on deceleration, relieve the brakes (less heat generated) and offer more control with a single pedal.

Plaid Track Mode also plays:

  • On grip by allowing more slippage;
  • On the suspensions by adjusting the height when the car accelerates or brakes;
  • On the data provided to the pilot (temperature monitoring, stopwatch, accelerometer, telemetry).

With this novelty, Tesla wants you to break records on the Nürburgring circuit, located in Germany. And he does not forget to advise the acquisition of the very expensive Carbon Ceramic Brake kit.

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