Choosing the right dental care insurance

While taking advantage of the mild weather in the Ardennes to go for a little bike ride, Delphine, 27, had an unexpected encounter: “I, who am used to riding on all terrains, I lost control of my bike and couldn’t avoid a tree. Everything happened very quickly and I broke a tooth. Result: two visits to the dentist to devitalize this tooth and place a crown”.

At the time of doing the accounts, Delphine was pleased to have taken out dental care insurance, in this case a DKV Smile Essential: “In total, I should have had nearly €1,400 for devitalization and Crown. But after the intervention of my health insurance (€218), and above all, that of DKV for what was not covered (€1,182), I did not have to pay anything for my treatment. A relieved, smiling Delphine – and a little more vigilant now.

Smile, literally, with all your teeth

At 37, Julien doesn’t ride a bike, but he’s missing two teeth and needs a four-piece bridge. Before the bridge can be placed, his teeth must be devitalized so that they are de-inflamed. “My dentist explained to me that it represented a little more than €3,800 in total for the two treatments”.

Luckily for him, four years earlier, Julien had taken out DKV Smile Premium dental insurance with DKV. “In the end, I only had to pay €730 for my treatment. “His insurance took charge, after intervention of the social security, 80% of the curative care and the bridge a saving of nearly 2.918 € in total. What, literally, make him smile again.

Dental care insurance, a growing success

Dental care insurance is not just for insiders, we can all ensure a healthy smile. To protect yourself in the event of an accident, of course, but not only: depending on the formulas and the needs, this insurance can cover curative, preventive or even prosthetic care, in whole or in part.

Remember, however, that while insurance has many possibilities to offer us, it is also subject to a number of exclusions: to find out the details of each offer, consult the product information sheets DKV Smile Essential, DKV Smile Comfort and DKV Smile Premium before making your choice.

And if you need to see more clearly to choose the formula that best suits you or your family, know that there is also a DKV online questionnaire giving you access to a personalized recommendation. Julien and Delphine will tell you: nothing beats the assurance of a confident smile.

This is advertising within the meaning of the Royal Decree of 25 April 2014 imposing certain information obligations when marketing financial products to retail clients.
For all additional information concerning the characteristics and main exclusions of these products, your rights and obligations, please consult the General Conditions and the Product Information Documents (IPID) before subscribing. These documents are available from your insurance intermediary, on or free of charge from DKV Belgium.
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