ChatGPT worries Google

Google has nothing to worry about. ChatGPT, the assistant developed by OpenAI, continues to gain popularity worldwide. The results from the robot are becoming more and more relevant, which worries Google, the world’s number 1 search engine.

ChatGPT scares Google

Admittedly, ChatGPT is not perfect, but the guide is improving in record time. The results achieved by the users are impressive. The chatbot is carefully crafted by the OpenAI teams to give us the most suitable result for our research, hence its success across the globe.

ChatGPT allows the user to have the HTML code of a web page, a ready-to-use cover letter, a well-detailed resume, etc. Moreover, it is even possible to use the robot to find security vulnerabilities in software, a mobile application, a website, etc. It is fantastic!

According to our New York Times colleagues, Google executives are very concerned about the power of ChatGPT.

Google would have sounded the alarm

A few days after the latest ChatGPT update appeared, several analysts say that this assistant could replace Googlenumber 1 in research in the world.

The executives of the Mountain View company would panic at the progress of the chatbot. The head of the company, Sundar Pichai, would have required his teams to develop major advances to be presented to the public from May 2023 during Google I/O.

To tell the truth, the executives of the American company are confused. If teams ever implement an AI-based chatbot, the company should review its business model. Why ? Because the ads that appear in the first search results on Google have no value. Note that advertising campaigns make up a large part of the company’s revenue.

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