Charlie solutions: technology at the service of equipment management

It was after graduating from ITEEM Lille (Engineer Manager Entrepreneur, by Centrale Lille) that Basile Melchior and Romain Mariani decided to create Charlie solutions, which today hires nine people distributed between the head office of the Village by CA North of France and Paris. Today they are also associated with Matthieu Mariani, Romain’s brother and a hardware engineer by training.

The management and monitoring of a fleet of equipment exists today on large equipment but is not yet very developed on portable and portable equipment. The management of these materials in the logistics warehouses is essentially manual, with sources of error. The Charlie Solutions mini sensor tracks the movements of equipment by geolocation. The ‘gateway’ is then placed in the storage area, adaptable to any type of area: vehicle, container, depot… Once the sensor is installed, the equipment becomes communicating“, explains Basile Melchior.

This “asset tracking” is made possible thanks to sensors small enough to adapt to the size of the equipment, while remaining extremely robust, to resist weather, heat, vibrations, dust, etc. They are made in the South of France.

Better anticipated maintenance to avoid risks

via a platform and a mobile application, the sensor and the gateway communicate to deliver all the information necessary for the proper management of the equipment. Because beyond the possible loss of material, there is also the compliance to be respected: “The equipment must be reviewed every year, but if the technical manager does not have the right information at the right time, this can jeopardize the safety of the worker.»

Aimed at all types of companies that have a fleet of equipment with external operations, the solution developed by Charlie solutions and marketed since September 2021 has already won over Ramery building, Vinci construction, Iléo, Manitowoc… “We calculated the return on investment in less than a year. The larger the park, the more the benefits are felt. We wanted to eliminate the human error that we can with beeps, scans…, while reporting failures“, explains Basile Melchior.

Greener management

Beyond the desire to better manage their equipment, companies also want to be responsible by limiting unnecessary purchases and making their equipment last longer thanks to adequate maintenance and a reduction in the carbon footprint, with the digitalization of reports. and the decrease in wild purchases. Charlie solutions manages parks that can contain between 300 and 1,000 pieces of equipment.

In a construction market that has more than 600,000 companies in France, the Lille start-up targets companies with more than 20 employees, i.e. nearly 10,000 structures for 34% of market turnover. But Charlie solutions does not intend to stop there: the start-up plans to develop its solution in the sectors of events, industry, but also security or communities.

In 2023, the team should reach 18 employees and 28 in 2024, for a turnover of 4 M€. With the objective of raise funds by the end of the year to accelerate on the commercial part, first on the territory and within three years on the international stage.

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