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The FCBA institute of technology in Champs-sur-Marne is a test laboratory where everyday furnishings are tested before they are put on sale. Magjournal was able to enter the enclosure of the workshops usually closed to the public, Tuesday, May 17.

At the FCBA institute of technology (Forest, cellulose, wood-construction and furniture), in the heart of the Descartes estate, objects are abused. We pull them, we push them, we tear them, we set them on fire in order to guarantee consumers maximum safety when using them.

FCBA’s four laboratories test the mechanics, materials, finish and flammability time on everything relating to the layout of living spaces, in particular everyday furniture (mattresses, office furniture, outdoor furniture, table , armchair…). FCBA acts within the framework of its research, development and certification activities.

Thus, before being placed on the market and in order to ensure compliance with standards or to assess the risks of after-sales service, the bed bases are tested on their durability and their resistance and the drawers are assessed on opening operations. -closing. Propagation, reaction, ignition and ignitability tests on finished products or components are also carried out. In total, ten thousand tests are carried out per year by twenty people mobilized on the site. Eric Delaunay, test and measurement laboratory manager, says: “We have 100 test machines spread over 5,000 square meters of laboratory space. »

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Patrick Perier, director of the development of living spaces division of the industrial institute, indicates: “Our missions are consulting, testing, measurement and certification. Our clients are half from the public sector and half from the private sector. More than four hundred are regular customers. »

The institute relies on a network of scientific partners and works with the local university fabric: PhD students come from Gustave-Eiffel University, apprentices are trained at the CFA Descartes and work-study students come from Esipe, the school of engineers installed in the campus.

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