Champions Cup – Doussain and Marchand at the party, Goosen and Du Plessis sank… The barometer for Lyon-Bulls

The desire and determination of Lyonnais led by his duo of ex-Toulouseans was too strong for the Bulls with aging leaders wondering what they had come to do in this mess…

The peaks

We could have talked about the “regular” Bamba and Tuisova who exude power. But if the Lyon lineup sometimes struggles in the Top 14, we cannot forget that he found the right fuel against the Bulls with a very precise Guillaume Marchand at the helm. A launch pad which allowed balloons to be organized, allowing him to register a good old double family. But beyond these trials, Marchand also stood out for his activity in the rucks and several interesting stints in the line.

Called to hold the barracks alone by virtue of Couilloud and Pélissié’s absence following injuries, the former Toulousain acquitted himself of his task. As an experienced leader, Doussain managed to infuse his pack with additional zest and aggressiveness, giving him a hand in his privileged defensive sector. But he also excelled in the offensive organization of the game, and even had the luxury of a personal try “à la Kelleher” on an 89 five meters from the line, wisely taking advantage of a call from Tuisova that necessarily mobilized for defenders.. .

He was one of the few active jump boxes drafted by the Bulls, and he was one of the few among his own who held his rank. Solid under high balls despite his small size, he had an attempt at a solo interception from 70 metres. Always dangerous with the ball in hand, he was logically preserved in the 60se of its staff eager to preserve its nugget on a day without a collective.

The flops

He had been little used by the Bulls since the start of the season, and we better understood why. Placed at the opening, Goosen was a mere shadow of the player he once was at Racing, at least much closer to the face he wore during his easy stint at MHR a few years ago. If his kicking game is still as loud and powerful in terms of ingenuity and speed, time has unfortunately taken its toll…

Like Goosen, the veteran (39 in May) has had more glorious times. Through several errors in the ground game, the former Springbok hooker (logically) evolves light years from the incredible player he was, to the point of being dominated even in the showdown by the Lyon melee.

  • Lambey and Regard’s wounds

During this near-perfect night, Lou had the misfortune of losing two leaders in the first period: second line Félix Lambey (shoulder) and center Thibaut Regard (hip), forced to join the locker room earlier than expected. A pity that the two players, dressing room managers and guarantors of Lyon’s identity, had taken with them during this start to the match.

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