CES 2023 – Samsung ramps up display technologies on its high-end televisions

The television market leader arrives at the American show with a bosom full of new references that integrate different technologies.

Not exactly known for its frugality, Samsung is asserting its status as a leader in the TV market by announcing a series of new products that mobilize all the most attractive display technologies on the market. We take a tour of the owner, amidst the excitement of CES 2023.

Neo QLED, QD-OLED, Mini-LED and Micro-LED: there is something for everyone

Samsung’s catalog is particularly thick. That’s because the South Korean likes to diversify. Thus, the manufacturer, like the excellent QN90B released last year, will continue to bet fully on Neo-QLED panels in 2023.

This LCD-derived technology uses Mini-LED backlights, which guarantee significant brightness peaks and striking contrasts despite their non-self-emitting nature. At the head of this category: new 8K screens, but also 4K, which will benefit from the latest Neural Quantum processor from the house. Among the advantages of this chip, we note in particular a finer scaling of content by AI (scaling up), but also 14-bit depth for even richer colors. In its press release, Samsung also talks about Auto HDR Remastering, a technology that converts SDR content on the fly to improve its clarity.

One of Samsung’s new panels for 2023.©Samsung

Another manufacturer’s workhorse for 2023: a push towards Micro-Led technology. Criticized because it is particularly expensive, this type of matrix will find its place on models from 50 to 140 inches, completely without limits, assures a Samsung, which currently does not dwell on references in particular.

The brand will also continue to offer displays powered by a QD-OLED panel. This technology, which is supposed to combine the advantages of OLED (deep black) with the advantages of LCD (high brightness), will be found on new versions of well-known models ranging from 55 to 77 inches.

Samsung CES 2023 line-up

Advanced gaming technologies

Manufacturers of television screens have understood that the new generation of game consoles attracts a public interested in new screen technologies. Thus, for some of them, the new 2023 TVs from Samsung will benefit from a refresh rate of 144 Hz and AMD FreeSync Premium Pro certification to reduce the effects of tearing (tear) image in some games.

Samsung is also putting a piece back into the machine on its Gaming Hub: a dedicated space on its connected television that includes all applications dedicated to cloud gaming services. There is notably GeForce NOW (which now benefits from RTX 4080 cards), but also Xbox Game Cloud, which is available built-in – without even needing a Microsoft console.

At CES, Samsung also presented The Premiere 8K: an ultra-short-throw projector capable of displaying an 8K image on a diagonal of 150″.

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