State Trading Corporation: revised specifications for better flour quality

The latest flour specifications date back to 2003. 19 years later, in June 2022, the State Trading Corporation (STC) dispatched a consultant to conduct an assessment on the condition of our flour. In Mauritius for about ten days, it is currently carrying out a review of the use of flour in Mauritius, in order to … Read more

FTSE MIB turbo trading idea: Italian stock exchange returns to test major support at 21,500 points

Italian stock market could rebound as trader sentiment reaches extreme pessimism European stock markets have been struggling to regain momentum since last week. Some indices like the CAC 40 and the AEX should manage to end the week up, but others like the DAX and the MIB should end down. European stock indices are struggling … Read more

Detox centers for crypto addicts?

As with many activities that entice users to spend money, such as casino or sports betting, investing in cryptocurrency can lead some people into a situation of addiction. The general situation The subject is very little dealt with in France, but in the United States and in England more and more regulators are looking into … Read more

Bybit: Launch of the grid trading bot

Bybit, one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges in the world, has announced the launch of its grid trading bot. Bybit’s new grid trading features will be available to all registered users on June 20. Bybit users will be able to use the grid trading bot to automate their buy and sell orders and adjust … Read more

SolidusX Revolutionizes Cryptocurrency Trading For Its Users

SolidusXSolidusX revolutionizes cryptocurrency trading for its users 23 June 2022 / 07:00 CET/CEST SolidusX revolutionizes cryptocurrency trading for its users PRESS RELEASE BY SolidusX Advertising London | June 22, 2022 4:00 PM Eastern Time Recent events have shown that in the cryptocurrency market there is no safe bet that guarantees stable profit for the future. … Read more