Crypto Solana (SOL): News Hebdo – Analysis – Price prediction for the crypto SOL

Facebook Twitter Messenger WhatsApp LinkedIn It is currently theethereum killer most likely with a competitive platform and low transaction fees. Solana (SOL) price: what is the current price? Here is the Solana’s live price. Today’s news from Solana as of 05/25/2022: In its bi-monthly update for the period April and May 2022, Solana returned to … Read more

Cryptocurrency: Is Bitcoin really a good idea to protect against galloping inflation?

With inflation reaching new heights, people are drawn to anything they can rush into for inflation protection. Despite arguments to the contrary, cryptocurrency is often considered an inflation-resistant asset, and proponents often present it as an asset class that is uncorrelated with real-world assets. But things get complicated quickly when you learn that cryptocurrencies are … Read more