Carcassonne: driving without registration or insurance … but with nearly 2 kg of cannabis

The police check took place this Monday, January 24, around 8 p.m.

It was a simple defective rear light that prompted the police to immobilize a Renault Clio traveling on the Quai Bellevue on Monday January 24 around 8 p.m. The driver’s control was quick to deliver its verdict: this 22-year-old Carcassonnais was driving without a gray card or insurance. Moreover, the officials noted that a strong smell of cannabis emanated from the passenger compartment.

The young motorist and his 19-year-old passenger begin by asserting that they do not have narcotics… but the police notice a bag at the feet of the driver. A bag from which protrudes a kind of block, which will turn out to be a soap of cannabis resin. The bag in question contained two, each weighing about 200g. Four additional 390 g soaps were also found inside the vehicle: in total, the two individuals were carrying nearly 2 kg of cannabis.

Placed in police custody, the interested parties gave rather confused explanations. This Tuesday, January 25, they are still heard in the premises of the Carcassonne police station.

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